"loving yourself is the simplest most rebellious revolution you'll ever be apart of. 


A Luxury makeover (professional hair and makeup)

Expert posing for EVERY body-type

60-90 minute in-studio session

5 outfit changes

A unique ordering session where you get to view your professionally retouched final images and choose your luxury package.

We can offer you the opportunity to see yourself in your true form. Strong. 

Whats included in the Experience?

"Can a boudoir session really be that incredible?"

" I am in charge of how I feel and today I feel fierce." 



"How much does it cost?" - Your session is a separate fee from your album order.  The reason for this is I want you to purchase the images that you love. While I'm pretty confident that you will love them all, I want you to choose your favorites.  So step one is the session fee for $349.  This includes the hair and makeup and my expert posing guidance. The next step is to purchase your album order. When you return to see your images is when you pay for this order. Minimum investments starts at $349 and payment plans are offered. 

"What do I need to bring?" - I recommend bringing 4-6 outfits and we will pick the top 3 together.  You may also bring props or jewelry if you choose. All sessions include Hair and Makeup application. It's part of the whole luxury experience to be treated like the star.

"How far in advance should I book my session?" - Your photo shoot needs to be booked at least 6-8 weeks before the date you need your album order in hand. I even recommend 16 weeks ahead if you're considering a payment plan. 

"Do you edit out stretch marks, cellulite etc.?" - Yes I do. When you come back in to see your images and select your favorites they've already been polished.  Meaning I've already smoothed skin, removed stretch marks, cellulite and temporary blemishes. If this is something you DON'T like, No Problem! Just let me know before your session is complete and I will not edit those things.  PLEASE NOTE: I will not make you look like someone else. The purpose of this session is so that you can see the BADASS you truly are.

"I need my images to remain PRIVATE. Will my images be on your website?" - ABSOLUTLEY NOT! The ladies that you see me post online have given me permission to show off their images. I will never post anything without consent. 






Everything you need to know to Make Your Perfect Session a Reality

Boudoir sessions are very intimidating for someone who has never seen themselves as beautiful. And trust me I GET IT. Because I've been that person. I've hated myself so much that I've stayed in bed to avoid seeing my reflection. Many of us fight every day with mental illness, and that's why I do this. YOU ARE ENOUGH! AND WE ARE GOING TO PROVE IT.

Your Photographer

About Your Photographer

Jolene Hembree

"Some women fear the fire. Some simply become it."

"Give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom. "


Email: Jolenehembree@Hembreeartistry.com

Phone: (318) 355-2270

CEO & Owner of
Hembree Artistry 

Jolene Hembree


"WE either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. THe amount of work is the same."

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